Native American Music
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Native American Music

Enjoy Katuv’s World Instrumental tracks from our Ethnic Download album “Native American (The Lost Tribe).” This album is a compilation of Native American Music and Ethnic Music  instrumentals from our new release and previous projects.  The Native American music of “Native American (The Lost Tribe)” features Ethnic instruments from around the globe  including Native American flutes, low whistle flutes, tin whistles,  didgeridoos, Middle Eastern frame drums, djembes, congas and an array of African percussion. You will even hear the sounds of  udo drums, dholak drums, sitars, and other Ethnic strings. If you enjoy listening to the Native American music of R. Carlos Nakai, the Ethnic/Celtic instru-

 mental music of Loreena McKinnett, or the Messianic/Christian Worship music of Eden’s Bridge and Elishave Shomron, you will love these ethnic selections. Click here for “Native American (The Lost Tribe)” samples and downloads.

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